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School Start-up Services

eSchool Start-up Services

Wanting to start a school? Our team can take you from the very first ideas you have through the entire process including every facet of a school's operation from facility to the instructional system. The following are school services we can provide and have extensive experience through the development, start up, and management of conventional public schools, private faith based schools, and public charter schools
  1. Train and assist in the implementation and maintenance of a proven and effective educational technology plan.
  2. Develop a financial plan and budget for the charter school.
  3. Help write the proposal based on the design envisioned by the founding group of the charter or private school.
  4. Assist and train school personnel to manage and support student management and data system for accountability.
  5. Department of Education for Various States' Requirements: Train and assist school personnel to make all DOE required reports.
  6. Train and assist school personnel to manage and prepare data for analysis of student achievement and teacher effectiveness.
  7. Train school personnel to maintain oversight and organize contracted food service; computerized food accounting system with billing that matches the needs for Federal free lunch reporting forms.
  8. Design and provide advice and counsel to maintain a proven training system for administrators.
  9. Assist school personnel to create an accountability plan specific to authorizer guidelines, adjustable for the school's unique requirements.
  10. Train and implement the development and implementation of effective clerical and filing procedures.
  11. Train personnel and assist in the coordination of a technology infrastructure plan including server design, Internet access, and digital phone system as needed.
  12. Tap a wide ranging network for resources through participation in the Network of Schools; Indiana education contacts; and professional contacts developed over 25 years.
  13. Provide expert experienced assistance for the school to monitor, organize, and communicate compliance with reporting requirements of Ball State University or the Mayor of Indianapolis as organizer as well as other states' authorizers. We have experience in Colorado specifically.
  14. Willing to work with local school boards as well.
  15. Assist with implementation of special education procedures and infrastructure and with providing individualized services.
  16. Assist and train personnel to monitor, use, and develop and customize current and future assessment and data tracking expertise and systems through experienced and structured use of portfolio assessment, A+ Software Assessment, Terra Nova, NWEA, ISTEP, and the Graduate Qualifying Exam for Indiana.

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